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New Safety Policies/Procedures

While we can't say things are back to normal, we can say confidently that we are ready to welcome you safely back through the clinic doors. We've adopted new protocols, based on CDC and state guidelines, to maximize safety.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us (call or email).

To schedule Acupuncture visits or Herb & Supplement pick-up/shipments please call the clinic (503-372-6463)

​We hope you are making time to rest, reset, and reflect during this time. Please find ways to create/continue healthy lifestyle habits (rest, exercise, diet, time in nature, and social connections). We are all in this together and for each other. Although Physical Distancing may be needed to at times, the importance of social 'connection' cannot be over emphasized. The mental health of our communities and selves is paramount during this time and not to be overlooked.

We look forward to seeing you again soon; in the interim please see our resources below.


It can be a challenge to our mental health to maintain 'Physical Distancing' during COVID-19. Although we recognize this imperative, we want to stress the imperative to find ways to socially connect with others; a simple hello (from 6' away), or remotely via online. Here are some good resources & info from the APA.

Many of us are altering health & wellness routines; we hope for the better! For those of us looking for new ideas and perspectives here are some good resources:


Misako is offering virtual Qigong classes. Regular practice can support not only physical wellness, but also emotional and mental health, which are factors that influence immunity. 

All in-person Qigong classes are temporarily cancelled

Interested in boosting your immune system at home? Watch this video of Misako's teacher, Master Liu demonstrating Immune Boosting Qigong.


Currently Chinese hospitals are using herbal formulas as part of the standard of care (read more here). 

We have access to similar herbal formula. Please  either call the clinic (503-372-6463) or Email us for herbal prescriptions/recommendations; we can ship these to you or arrange for pick-up at the clinic.


Moxibustion may boost the immune system. Read more on this here from colleagues at MoxAfrica...

Want to purchase moxa? We have it in stock call to arrange pick-up or purchase online here from Amazon...

Learn More about how to use Moxa here...


Covid-19 resources from: 


We are open Tue-Sat for in-person treatment. For remote/online treatment options:

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