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About Moxa
Moxa or Moxibustion is a traditional technique where the herb Artamesia Vulgaris, or Mugwort is rolled into small cones (above photo) and burned on specific acupuncture points to warmth channels and strengthen the body. We recommend one specific acupoint on each low leg called Stomach 36 (ST36) that has been shown to increase white blood cell count.  It is also helpful to strengthen the legs and harmonize digestion. 

Moxibustion may boost the immune system. Learn more from Colleagues at MoxAfrica...

How to Use Moxa

We recommend a minimum of 3-5 consecutive Moxa cones daily on each ST 36 point located a hand width below the knee cap, one finger width toward the outside of the shin bone (above photo). Each protective stand has a sticky bottom surface to adhere to the skin. Light the cone with a candle or incense and place on ST36 allowing it to burn all the way down before removing and lighting the next cone. I will not burn the skin surface.  If you are sensitive, use the included heat barrier under the cone until you can gage heat levels. 

How to Purchase Moxa

We have it in stock; email us to schedule a shipment or purchase online here...

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