My grandparents and great grandparents were imprisoned at Tule Lake internment camp in northern California for two years during WW2; My mother was born there In 1945.  I am the daughter of an “issei” or first generation Japanese immigrant on my father’s side; I was born in Japan and raised in Portland, Oregon. 

I grew up bilingual and bicultural. Navigating two cultures has taught me to hold space for more than one way of being, while giving me the freedom to create my own, continually evolving identity as a Japanese American-healer-mystic-visionary-athlete-artist.

As a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) for 16 years, I have studied and incorporated the 4 foundations of this holistic medicine: Acupuncture, herbology, bodywork therapies, and Qigong/internal cultivation exercises into my private practice and daily life.  I am committed to continuing to learn ways to sustain and support the health and wellbeing of folks of color and indigenous people. 

I am thankful for my lifelong passion as an athlete (gymnastics, trail running, rock climbing, surfing, stand up paddle racing) to keep me firmly rooted on this earth.  As I stand at the intersection of fitness, ethnicity/race, traditional healing practices, and empowerment of the feminine, I hope to create harmony as we transition into the next stage of our collective healing work.