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Qigong (pronounced "Chee Gong") is a gentle exercise and art form that can be practiced by anyone. As a foundational component of Traditional East Asian medicine (TEAM) for prevention of diseases and maintenance of good health, regular practice (even 20 minutes a day), can have lasting effects for physical, as well as emotional and spiritual well being. Combining flowing and stretching movements, breath work, visualization and meditation, Qigong harmonizes the mind and body, while clearing blockages to allow free flow of vital life force (Qi). When our Qi is flowing freely, we will have good health; When our mind and spirit are peaceful, we can connect with the cosmic flow of the universe. 

*Although all styles of Qigong can cultivate well being, Misako offers medical Qigong forms and practices from  Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School. Medical Qigong is specific to addressing health concerns such as improving immunity and allergies, healing gynecological imbalances, strengthening tendons and bones, assisting with sleep, healing the brain etc. Medical Qigong routines are akin to prescriptions for a more targeted approach to health concerns, but they are still beneficial to anyone who practices them.  

​2024 Offerings

Surfing and Connection Retreat
July 19-22, 2024
Yachats, Oregon

In collaboration with Temenos Rising, join us for 
A Magical Long Weekend of Surf,
Ocean Play, Earth Wisdom, Community, and Resting in Beauty.

More information and registration

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