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Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Qigong (pronounced "Chee Gong") is a gentle exercise that can be practiced by anyone. As a foundational component of Traditional East Asian medicine for prevention of diseases and maintenance of good health, regular practice (even 20 minutes a day), can have lasting effects for physical, as well as emotional and spiritual well being. 

Using a combination of flowing movements, breathing exercises, visualization, meditation and sound, Qi Gong exercises can help clear blockages to allow free flow of vital energy or Qi. When our Qi is flowing freely we will have good health. When our mind/spirit is peaceful, we can connect with the cosmic flow of the universe. 

Misako Qi Gong



Tuesdays 7:15-8:15am

​Let's gather Tuesday mornings to practice a self healing Qigong form called "Hui Gong", or Wisdom Qigong for the Blood, Brain and Marrow. This form activates the deepest energy of the body, the Kidney Jing to produce the marrow that nourish the brain and blood. 

We will transition through a series of stretching and slow, isometric/resisted movements to warm tendons and joints, while creating physical stamina and muscular strength. Regular practice improve memory and brain function while supporting the constitution of the body. 

No experience necessary; just show up and follow along!

$15 drop in

$96 for 8 class package


Thursday 7-8pm

Let's wind down our day with stretching, gentle movements and Qigong flow in preparation for a 20-30 minute guided seated meditation. Sitting as a group can create a harmoniously supportive environment while fostering community and connection. No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome.

Meet upstairs at Meridian Acupuncture & Wellness



Honoring intuition through movement and earth connection

Misako will be teaming up with Temenos Rising for 4 nourishing days of Qi Gong, connection, and climbing instruction at Smith Rocks, OR.  Let's gather in community, slow down, reconnect with nature, and learn to trust our deepest selves.