What is Qi Gong

 Qi gong translates as “Qi exercise or cultivation”. Qi is the vital energy that flows through the universe and also flows within our bodies. Just as we need to exercise our physical bodies, it is important to exercise our Qi in order to open the pathways of energy within the body, release blockages and to circulate Qi and blood freely. In Traditional East Asian Medicine,  stagnant Qi and blood caused by a variety of factors such as stress, emotional frustration, and imbalanced dietary and and lifestyle choices are one of the root causes of emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses.

Foundations of Qi gong are deeply rooted within Taoist, Buddhist and Chinese Medicine philosophies. Through combinations of intentional movements (Dao Yin), breathing techniques (TuNa), visualizations for internal alchemy (Nei Dan) and meditation (Chan) , Qi gong can teach us to cultivate and accumulate qi in our body, as well as help preserve our vital life force. It is reputed to assist the body in achieving overall health as well as the ability to decrease stress levels and blood pressure. Various forms of medical Qi gong can target specific systems of the body, as well as particular conditions such gynecological disorders and insomnia. Read more about benefits of Qi gong.

We offer ongoing Qi gong classes as well as individual private sessions. Qi gong Tuina sessions are also available.