Qi Gong Tuina


Qi Gong Tuina is a technique preformed by an experienced Qi Gong practitioner. This therapy combines Chinese theraputic tuina massage with Qi Gong techniques of sensing and feeling for energetic blockages while projecting Qi through the body and hands. With a clear and focused intention, the practitioner helps open blocked acupuncture points and channels, gently guiding the patient’s energy towards healing. Qi Gong Tuina sessions last about 50 minutes.

Misako is offering Qi gong Tuina session for the immune system (Wei Qi),  This technique is a unique Taoist healing form that stimulates the immune system by awakening and circulating the Wei Qi using various deep physical techniques along the spine, meridians and points on the back. This form deeply nourishes the 5 yin organs to opens sacred acupuncture points allowing patients to awaken deep and unconscious spiritual aspects of themselves. Read more about the importance of Wei Qi and our immune system.

Qi Gong Tuina session for depression/anxiety, eye disorders and headaches are also available.