Gluten Free…Is it Right for Me?


In an earlier post we discussed a common complaint, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In this post, we discuss the gluten free diet and its connction with IBS-liks symptoms, e.g. gas & bloating.


Generally speaking, celiac disease is the inability to process gluten (i.e. aouto-immune response to gliadin). For patients with celiac disease, consumption of gluten leads to significant and notable digestive symptoms; similar to an allergic reaction.

But many patients that do not test positive for celiac disease, but suffer similar symptoms, such as frequent gas, bloating, pain and fatigue. The most common diagnoses for these patients is IBS. Unfortunately, many suffer despite trying numerous option. But, there is hope and ways to help mitigate IBS-like symptoms!

These grains are not Gluten Free; Clockwise from top: High-gluten wheat flour, European spelt, barley, rolled rye flakes.


Research studies have demonstrated that many patients who fulfill the criteria for IBS are gluten-sensitive (see the trials here). Think of this as a spectrum, ranging from no symptoms to allergic reaction; those with a gluten sensitivity fall somewhere in the middle. If this sounds like you, help may be only a meal away!

Researchers hoped to demonstrate that many patients diagnosed with IBS, were in fact non-celiac gluten sensitive (see the study here). 102 patients followed a gluten-free diet and those who felt better were randomized to receive a powder meal replacement containing either gluten or no-gluten.


For those patients who continued to eat a gluten free diet, 84% (n=31) continued to report less IBS-like symptoms, (e.g. gas & bloating). In comparison, only 26% (n=9) of patients who ate gluten maintained their improvements. For the majority of these patients, a change in diet led to releif of their IBS-like symptoms! This research is not alone, it builds upon the work by other scientist (see the research).


IBS-like sumptoms? We can Help Reduce Gas and Bloating and guide you on a gluten free diet.Gluten Free Diet; Bottom Line

If you have IBS, you may alleviate your symptoms by avoiding gluten. For many patients this is not easy and alleviation of symptoms is often not straightforward. Often, a multi-modal treatment approach is needed. This is where an experienced clinician can be key!

Here in Beaverton, we at Mill-e-Moto are your local guides! We have experience in assisting patients with IBS-like symptoms with the use of acupuncture, herbs, meditation, and lifestyle modifications (including gluten free diets). Please contact us to discuss how TEAM Mill-e-Moto can assist you to reduce your IBS-like symptoms and acheive optimal health.