In my last post I spoke of my travels to Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine…as a reminder, I traveled as a Board member of the Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR). After my visit and lecture I traveled to Beijing for the first ever over-seas SAR research conference!

The SAR Board hosted this conference in conjunction with China Academy of Chinese Medical Science and it was an overwhelming success. We had over 300 attendees from over 20 countries! The science was high quality and presentations informative.

Grp pic

Some amazing research is being conducted in China; the infrastructure and sheer volume of treatments is amazing. This offers an opportunity that ‘Western’ cultures don’t yet have for ‘Big Data” research…imagine thousands of treatments per day, all collected & stored electronically…just ripe for analysis! Large data sets can reveal benefits of specific acupuncture techniques per condition (e.g. the addition of cupping for low back pain).

…but it wasn’t all work. We had a wonderful banquet with lots of traditional music, dance, and martial arts; turns out that ALL of the amazing performers were also students at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine!


As part of the gift exchange with the China Academy of Chinese Medical Science we each received a beautiful silk tie and an exquisite copy of the Huang Di Nei Jing, a foundational text on Chinese Medicine! I even received a massage tool known as a Bian Stone, as a personal gift from a Dr. Yang Jisheng.

Beijing was a wonderful place to host the research conference and we were situated right in the heart of the capital city, just a short walk to the Forbidden Palace.


Although I was quite busy with lectures (3 in total), meeting new colleagues and catching up with old ones, I still had some time to take in the sites. It was wonderful to ‘get lost’ in the city gardens and travel the small alleys (Hu tongs) nearby.

Hu tong

In my next post I’ll share some pictures and stories about our retreat to the countryside of Beijing…